Hanging lamps were sold along with the table lamps. Many of the early metal lamp founts were used both on table lamps and in a hanging frame. The hanging Aladdin lamps often became the center piece of the rooms they occupied. The hanging Aladdin lamps shown below are examples of their beauty. While the kerosene lamp was simple in design and function, the hand painted shades added beauty to that functionality. Oil lamps of this era were not just sources of light, but highlights of the decor to many homes.

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    Aladdin manufactured a wide variety of kerosene lamps This is a model no. 1214 hanging lamp with a 616s shade. The scenic shade depicts a very pretty country scene of a stream side grain mill with waterwheel. Making it even more unusual is the fact that part of the scene is painted on the inside of the shade and part on the outside. These shades are quite fragile and finding one that is not cracked or chipped after all these years can be quite challenging.
  This is another model 1214 hanging lamp with a 620s shade. The scene is of a windmill on a point of land surrounded by water. This shade also has part of the scene painted on the inside of the lamp and part on the outside. The scene seems to come alive when these lamps are lit. It glows brightly and brings out details you can't see at any other time.


  This model #11 hanging lamp is complete with 516 shade. This shade was also used on the model 9 and 10 hanging lamps. The hardest item to find on hanging lamps is the smoke bell since it is easily detached and therefore lost. Finding a hanging lamp with original shade, smoke bell, and correct flame spreader is a task best pursued by people of great patience.
This model-B tiltframe hanging lamp was unique in the fact that the metal ring which holds the fount was designed to tilt 90 degrees. This made filling or removing the oil fount easier for the user. The lamp shown here is complete with an original 716 glass shade and smoke bell. The tiltframe lamps were also sold with model 12 burners and parchment shades.  
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