This shade is somewhat of a mystery. I would date it to 1932, but it only appears in a single Aladdin brochure that was advertising hand decorated parchment shades. It is not a Whip-o-Lite shade since the new paper was not invented until 1933.

Also from that brochure it is evident that there were two different styles, or colors of this shade. The numbers associated with those two shades are design No.131, and No.132. The brochure however does not provide any information on what the difference between the two shades might be.

I have designated this one as No. 132 since that is the number I first found for the design. It does differ from the two shades in the brochure slightly. The No. 131, and No. 132 shades shown in the brochure show the shades having two bands at the top of the shade where this one has three. The bands on the shades in the brochure are similar to the single heavy band at the top of this one.

This shade could have been an early production model that was later changed to simplify the design. I have found other hand painted shades with similar differences even though they have identical design numbers. In any case this style shade, as far as I know, was only shown in the brochure in 1932. It never appeared again on any lamp being advertised, or in any written literature from Aladdin. That literature could exist, but so far I have not seen it.