This is the Aladdin No. 144 shade commonly referred to as the "coach and four". The reason for that is rather apparent since there is a coach being pulled by four horses. The No. 144 is a Whip-o-Lite shade that was first shown in a 1933 sales brochure. The design itself however actually existed before the invention of the Who-O-Lite paper. The coach and four design can be found on parchment shades dating as early as 1931. It has adorned many Aladdin lamps through the years including table, hanging, vase, bracket, and floor lamps, both kerosene and electric.

It is also a very popular shade with Aladdin lamp collectors. Sadly this shade like many Aladdin paper shades has been reproduced. The new shades however are rather easily identified, particularly when compared to the original Whip-o-Lite shades. Remember the Whip-o-Lite shades are translucent, while the newer shades are not. The colors on the new shades are also brighter. Like with all antiques, and collectibles, it takes some devotion to study before being able to readily identify the new from the old, but it is not an overwhelming task.

Another thing rather unique to the "coach and four" shades is that they are not all identical in design. Take note of the number of people in, and on, the coach because that number does vary. I'm really not sure if it depends on the year of manufacture, the size of the shade, or both, but they do vary.



Count the people on, and in, the coach in both photo's. Now take a close look at the wheels on each coach. Yes, these are both original 14 inch Whip-o-Lite shades. Why are they different? Because it makes collecting interesting! Oh, and by the way if you look at the 16 inch coach and four shade shown later in this section--there are only three people on a coach that is completely different from the coach in these photo's. You could probably make a collection of just the coach and four shades and their differences, if you were lucky enough to find enough of them.