You like this one? Kind of neat and looks great on some lamps. It's an eye catcher on a blue vase lamp. It's also a reproduction! I decided to put a couple of them in this section just so you can study them. I have added an "R" on the end of the shade number to designate it as a reproduction.

This shade is lit, but how much light do you see shining through it? Reproduction shades have a tenancy to be much more opaque than the original shades. They can look nice on your lamps, and I don't have a problem with that, as long as you KNOW it is a reproduction shade.

The colors on reproduction shades are usually brighter, and since the shades have not really had to stand the test of time, they usually look new as well with little sign of wear. If very little light can be seen passing through the shade material, it is either an old parchment shade, or a new reproduction. The old parchment shades will not have brilliant colors, and they will probably show obvious signs of ageing. Also the scenes used on most of the reproductions were not available on the old parchment shades.