Aladdin No. 218-green Whip-o-Lite shade. This style shade was first shown in a 1937 Aladdin lamp brochure although the shade number itself was not mentioned. It was shown adorning a B-80 clear crystal Beehive in that brochure. Later in 1937 it appeared in a Aladdin Whip-o-Lite Shades advertising brochure along with design numbers for three other shades sharing the same design.

The 1937 brochure stated both the available colors and the design number designation for each of them. The shade was offered in four colors with the following catalog designations: No. 217-tan, No. 218-green (shown), No. 219-rose, and No. 220-white.

The shade was probably designed to compliment the Beehive lamps that were also manufactured in 1937, however that was not stated in any brochure even though it was originally shown on the clear crystal Beehive table lamp. The Whip-o-Lite shade brochure stated the shades were designed for Aladdin table, hanging, and bracket lamps.