This Aladdin Whip-o-Lite shade is No. 233-red from 1938. Yes, I know, you are probably thinking it doesn't look red to me! Which of course is correct, but that's because Aladdin Whip-o-Lite shades often have two personalities. In daylight the red color on this shade shows up, but in the evening when it is lit up that color completely disappears. You would think that the light behind the color would highlight it, but it doesn't work that way with these shades.

The red color on this shade, as well as the other color designations for it, refer to the color of the scroll work that surrounds the flowers, and the lattice work at the top and bottom of the shade. It is only the scroll work itself that actually has a single color. If there were any other colors present in the design, Aladdin would have designated the design of the shade as "Variegated" with no reference to the colors involved.

There were actually five design number assigned to this style shade: No. 233-red (shown), No. 234-yellow, No. 235-green, No. 236-rose, and No. 237-white. All were available in 1938.

I will demonstrate the way the shades can change their look when lit further on in the section.