This is the #245 17 1/2 inch parchment aladdin lamp shade from 1931, which was created before the invention of Whip-o-Lite shade paper. It is known to most collectors as a "coach and four" shade simply because there is a coach being pulled by four horses. The shade with it's 17 1/2 diameter bottom was designed to be used on the newly introduced Aladdin vase lamps.

Take a good look at the coach design, it's wheels, and the number of people riding in it, or on it. The coach is a completely different style than those found on later produced "coach and four" lamp shades. The driver is the only person on top of the coach, and there are only two passengers in the coach. When you look at other coach and four shades pay attention to the number of people as well as the design of the coach as they do vary. There are three of them included in this section and all of them are different.