This is the Aladdin model-4 narrow frame hanging lamp, which features a brass chimney tube along with a reproduction #206 glass shade. The #206 reproduction shade was produced by a member of the Aladdin Knights collectors organization. It was available for a short time and was offered in several colors of slag glass, so you might come across lamps with the reproduction shades in other colors. The reproduction shades are marked. This lamp is complete with the original oil pot, burner, and flame spreader.


This is the original Aladdin #205 shade that was normally used on the model-4 narrow frame hanging lamp. I liked the looks of the reproduction #206 shade so I tucked the original shade away in a display cabinet for safe keeping. The Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co. did make an original #206 shade almost identical to the reproduction shown above, but it is extremely rare. In 48 years of collecting I have only seen two of the original #206 shades!