One question a new collector is apt to ask, is what  the difference is between the model number seven and model number eight Aladdin lamps?. Look closely at the oil fill caps on these lamps.  They are not in the same location.  The oil fill cap on the lamp to the left is closer to the edge of the fount, while the lamp on the right has it's oil fill cap closer to the burner.  (note the positions in relation to the wire arm of the shade holder).  An aid to remembering which lamp is which is simply that eight being the higher number has the higher oil  fill cap--or seven being the lower number has the lower oil fill cap if you prefer!

  Their is no mistaking their role in history because both make a bold statement of antiquity wherever they are seen.  Especially when fitted with Aladdin 401 shades as these are.




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Model 7 & 8 table lamps



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