The metal foot on the green moonstone Majestic should be silver plated. The factory finish however did not hold up to the test of time very well, and most examples are found with the finish worn off. This particular example has a perfect silver finish, although I'm not really sure that the silver on it is truly original. I suspect that it has been re plated at some time. It polishes up beautifully, but will begin to tarnish within a couple of months. I doubt a silver finish as good as this one was used on the original lamps. My thoughts are that it may have been re plated with sterling silver, but at any rate it sure is pretty when it is polished up.




The Aladdin Majestic lamps were created specifically to be used in conjunction with an Aladdin 16 inch"fluted" shade. That fact was stated in their 1935 sales brochure with such reverence as to sate that it should not be used with any other size or style of shade. The add appears in J. W. Courter's book "Aladdin the Magic Name in Lamps on page 244 of the revised edition. The fluted shades however were used on several other styles of lamps as well . The above shade is an original Aladdin Whip-O-Lite "fluted" shade. The shades have been reproduced but the reproductions are easily identified simply by the materials used in their construction. Most of the reproduction shades are also signed on the inside of the shade.