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Below you will find links that I hope will be interesting and useful to those interested in Aladdin lamps. Anyone wishing to add their link to this site may do so by sending me an e-mail message of that intent, and must be willing to place a reciprocal link from their site to mine. It is my goal to make these links interesting and useful to those who visit my site, and all links will be at my discretion with that goal in mind. Although my web site is aimed at collectors or admirers of kerosene Aladdin lamps, I will be happy to link to any site providing information on Aladdin lamps, (kerosene or electric).

National Association of Aladdin Lamp Collectors

Interested in collecting Aladdin lamps, attending the national or local gatherings? This is the site to find the information you need. Explore it and find the key to really enjoying the very best that lamp collecting has to offer.
    This site is "home" to many Aladdin lamp collectors. It is a fountain of information on all types of Aladdin lamps. It contains information on becoming a member of the Aladdin Knights collectors association, an online lamp auction, classified section for buying or selling Aladdin lamps, and a bulletin board to help you find answers to your lamp question. This is "the" site for Aladdin lamp collectors or admirers!

  Absolutely excellent site with photographs of hundreds of Aladdin kerosene lamps and parts. Early metal lamps section is great for helping you identify the parts of these lamps.

Lehman's now owns the license to the "Aladdin" brand and has become the biggest dealer of Aladdin lamps and parts.
  Trying to find an Aladdin dealer who sells replacement parts or lamps? Try going to the source--the Mantle Lamp Company! You will find a "dealers" link on the home page which allows you to search for a dealer near you.
  In search of an Aladdin dealer in the Northwest? Explore this site for the parts you need to restore your lamp or to see the new Aladdin lamps. Also some great local links for those of you in Washington state or travelers!

  Looking for replacement parts for your Aladdin lamps? This site is a good source of new replacement parts such as chimneys, galleries, flame spreaders, and glass shades.
A good source for both Aladdin lamps and the parts you may need for them.



  "Antique Lamp Supply" ,also in the state of Tennessee, had a large array of products for Aladdin and many other styles of kerosene and electric lamps. Browse their site and you will find many interesting items that will be helpful in restoring that special lamp.

Imperial Lighting Co. is your one-stop source and Authorized Dealer for Aladdin Lamps, Aladdin Parts, & Aladdin shades, along with Feuerhand Lanterns. We are the exclusive manufacturer of the Three-Face Pattern Glass Oil lamps. We have assembled a comprehensive product-line to serve collectors, users and enthusiasts with repair and restoration parts, accessories and consumables, at fair prices with prompt service.