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 Aladdin Tall Lincoln Drape Lamps


  The tall Lincoln drape lamps are a favorite with collectors and the Alacite tall Lincoln drape was the most popular kerosene lamp in Aladdin's history.  While not shown here,  Aladdin also produced a clear crystal tall Lincoln drape that is quite rare.   It is believed that the clear crystal lamps were never sold to the public. The few that have been discovered have come from the states of Iowa and Illinois and their means of distribution remains a mystery. 

  Color is a big consideration in the red and blue lamps. The darker the ruby red or cobalt blue, the more sought after they become.

  The tall and short Lincoln drape lamps are the only Aladdin lamps which have been reproduced.  Care should be taken to inspect prospective lamps thoroughly before buying.  Since the ruby red and cobalt blue lamps can command rather high prices it pays one to be sure of what they are looking at before paying out hard earned cash for one of these lamps.

  The old lamps were made in one piece, while the bowl and foot of the newer lamps were molded separately then glued together. The joint will be visible just above the filigree design on the pedestal.   The angle of the oil fill cap and the pattern on the underside of the foot on these lamps all provide ways of verifying their authenticity.    Show me!

  The Alacite lamps used two different formulas.  Those produced prior to World War II contained uranium in the glass formula which was removed due to regulations imposed by the government in the war effort.  The old formula Alacite glass will glow yellow or green when exposed to a black light while the new formula lamps show purple or blue.  Show me again!



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B-76 (scallop foot)

  Some of the Alacite and cobalt blue tall Lincoln drape lamps have a scallop design on the top of the foot. The ruby red and clear crystal lamps however, were never produced with this design. The scallop foot can add considerably to the value of these Aladdin lamps.


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B-75 (scallop foot)

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B-75 (post war)


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B-76 (plain foot)


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