While this lamp at first appears to be a model-3, in reality, it is known as a 3-4 transition lamp. Most of the parts are model-3, but the gallery which holds the glass chimney, and shade ring are from a model-4. The use of model-4 parts on late production model-3 lamps was a common practice at the factory. Lamps were in a continous state of change in this time period. New parts would be used as soon as they were produced, and often even before the patent was obtained. Many of the early model 1-4 lamps are found with parts from two different models. Some because those parts were put on at the factory, and some were later changed by owners seeking to make their lamps burn more efficiently. Parts were also swapped by owners in attempts to make their lamps last longer as original parts for some models became scarce. Finiding some of the older lamps with all the correct parts can be challenging. The "model-3" shown on the index page for "metal table lamps" was a very hard lamp to find. It has the correct star burner, and box gallery, for the model-3 and all it's parts are original.


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