This green moonstone Vertique Aladdin lamp is one of only two Vertiques to be found with a raised rib design on the font. The yellow dots in the photo's denote the location of a vertical rib that is slightly more raised than those adjacent to it. It is not a deformity caused by the mold, or a deformity caused when the glass was removed from the mold. There is a specific pattern to the raised rib design.

There are three locations on the font that each have a group of three consecutive raised ribs. The clusters of three raised ribs in a row line up with the two mold marks on the top of the font, and with the oil fill. Between each of the clusters of three, are single raised ribs that are evenly spaced (I believe every fifth rib) between them. There is no doubt because of the symmetry of the spacing for each raised rib, that they were intentionally configured to create a pattern, or design.

Why? Well they could have been a developmental design (prototype) that didn't work well, but in truth nobody will ever know. The design has only been found in two lamps so far, and both have been green moonstone lamps. Were they produced in another color? That too, remains a mystery at this point.