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On this Vertique there is no 1/4 inch band of smooth glass extending out from the diamond pattern.  The foot is identical to that of the Aladdin "Quilt" lamps but since the Quilt lamps were never made in the yellow color this foot had to be molded specifically for a Vertique lamp!  The same mold could just as easily been used to mold Vertique feet in any of the four colors.  This proves that at least two different molds were used to produce the Vertique foot--one with the 1/4 inch ring of smooth glass and one without!!


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 Note the 1/4 inch band of smooth glass next to the diamond pattern on this Vertique foot.  This was always thought to be the "true" Vertique foot and if the foot did not have this 1/4 inch band it was a "Quilt" foot that had been used to repair the lamp.