Developed in 1938

Alacite glass was the creation of Henry Hellmers and in his words was described as, "an ivory opal glass." It was described in Aladdin advertising material as, "A startlingly beautiful lamp base, and pedestal material, which resembles many of the semiprecious mineralites in texture, and has much of the softness and tone of tusk (genuine ivory)-the only color in which it is available."

Originally Alacite glass contained Uranium oxide as a coloring agent, but its use was banned by the government in 1942 because of the development of atomic weapons in the war effort. You will often hear the terms "old formula" and " new formula" used in reference to lamps made of Alacite. The old formula contained the Uranium oxide, and will glow a yellow green color under a black light, while the new formula without the Uranium oxide will not. Uranium oxide was also a constituent of yellow moonstone and some green Washington Drape lamps. Both will glow brightly under black light.

Aladdin manufactured many other products from the Alacite glass. Some of these were: ashtrays, candy dishes, powder dishes, wall tiles, candle holders, egg plates, wall switch-plates, tissue box covers, vase book ends, wall vases, and figurines. Small quantities of dishware items were made from it as well, but a fault of Alacite was that it was quite brittle, making dishware items vulnerable to breakage.

All ivory glass in not Alacite, nor was it made by Aladdin. Many other companies manufactured items in a glass that very closely resembled Alacite. Most, but not all, Alacite made by Aladdin was marked with the name Aladdin or with an A in the glass.

The most popular Aladdin lamp ever sold was the Alacite tall Lincoln drape, which speaks well of the appeal of Alacite glass! Several Aladdin lamps and founts were made of Alacite and are still favorites of many collectors.

Below are examples of Alacite glassware manufactured by Aladdin.



Large Bowl

Bookend Vases

Egg plate top view

Egg plate bottom view

Divided Serving Dish

Wall pockets

Candle Holders

Combination Coaster Ashtray

Covered Powder Dish With Original Label

Original Alacite Label

Covered Candy Dish

Cigarette Container with Cover

Cigarette Tray With Cover and Two Ashtrays

Tissue Box Cover

G-16 Alacite Figurines

Alacite Electric Dancing Ladies Lamp

Alacite Night Light Ring for Aladdin Electric Floor Lamp