Aladdin Lamps Photo Gallery


When we first started collecting Aladdin Kerosene lamps one of the biggest thrills was seeing all the different styles and colors of them. A big problem however was that the only place I could really find any photographs or information on them was in the book "Aladdin the Magic Name in Lamps" by author J.W. Courter.Bill's book only fueled my desire to see more of the lamps but there were no other reference materials available on them. I wanted to see pictures color pictures of the lamps that showed the details of each style. This photo gallery, and in fact this web site itself, came out of that desire. I wanted to provide a place where other people that were interested in Aladdin lamps could see them and get some information on the different styles. I hope this site will help others to view and enjoy these lamps as much as we have over the years.