Aladdin Victoria Lamp

manufactured in 1947


 The Victoria is unique in being the only Aladdin kerosene lamp to be made of porcelain china.   The flowers on the Victoria are a decal and may be found in two variations.  Gold paint was used to accent the leaves on the side of the lamp as well as the three bands on the
pedestal.   The paint is quite fragile in nature causing many of the lamps to be found with portions of the gold bands worn through from handling.

  There has been one Victoria found with an oil font smaller in dimensions than that of the lamp shown here, and which did not have an oil fill hole.



The Simplicity Decalcomania (also called Decalmania) on the right, and the Victoria shown on the left share the same decal.   While all the Simplicities have the same decal, the Victoria has two decals that vary slightly in appearance.  The Decalmania also shares the accent of a gold band on it's foot, along with the same tendency for the gold band to become worn away through handling.