Aladdin Tall Lincoln Drape Lamps


 The tall Lincoln drape lamps are a favorite with collectors, and the Alacite tall Lincoln drape was the most popular kerosene lamp in Aladdin's history.
  Color is a big consideration in the red and blue lamps. The darker the ruby red or cobalt blue, the more sought after they become.

  You need to be familiar with the features of the tall Lincoln drape lamps since they have been reproduced.

  The old lamps were made in one piece, while the bowl and foot of the newer lamps were molded separately then glued together. The joint will be visible just above the filigree design on the pedestal on the reproduction two-piece lamps.   The angle of the oil fill cap may help in identifying reproduction lamps as well but can’t be relied upon since some reproductions are a perfect match to the original.
 The pattern on the underside of the foot however, to my knowledge, has never been recreated on a reproduction lamp.    Show me!

  The Alacite lamps used two different glass formulas.  Those produced prior to World War II contained uranium in the glass formula, which was removed due to regulations imposed by the government in the war effort.  The old formula Alacite glass will glow yellow, or green, when exposed to a black light, while the new formula lamps only reflect the black light and appear purple or blue.  Show me again!