Unlikely as it may seem, in 1937 and 1938, the Aladdin Treasure lamps were the highest priced lamps in the entire kerosene line! The metal Treasure had three finishes consisting of chromium plate, nickel plate, and oxidized bronze plate. Many new collectors find it difficult to distinguish the chromium lamps from the nickel, but if you look closely at the pictures you will see that the chromium lamp has a blue luster to the finish (the same a chrome on a car), while the nickel finish will exhibit a yellow luster that is not as bright as the chromium lamp. The brass lamp shown here is not mentioned in the price guide or the ATML collectors’ book. Many people believe the brass lamp is the result of a plated lamp that has been stripped of its original finish, or that it was manufactured at a later date to be used as an electric lamp and has been converted back to kerosene. I have seen enough of these brass lamps that it is my personal opinion they were indeed sold as kerosene lamps by Aladdin at some point. One odd lamp that should belong to this family but is not shown here is the "Nashville Treasure". It has the characteristic oil fount of the Treasure lamp combined with the foot of a model 12 table lamp. A wide, heavy weight was added to the 12 foot along with a felt pad. It uses the "Nashville" model-b burner and both burner and base were oxidized bronze.