Manufactured in 1938

The moonstone designation denotes the way the glass appears to glow like the light of the moon, and the name Vertique refers to the vertical ridges of the bowl. There are a couple of unique qualities to these Aladdin lamps. One is the intense glow the yellow Vertique displays under a black light. The amazing glow is due to the use of uranium as a coloring agent in the glass formula. See it "Glow".

Another more controversial characteristic of the Aladdin Vertique lamps is that some have been found with what appears to be a foot from the Aladdin "Quilt" lamp. While quite similar in their design, there is a small difference between the foot of the Vertique and that of the Quilt. The Vertique foot has a smooth 1/4 inch ring of smooth glass running around the outer edge of the diamond pattern design. On the Quilt foot there is no 1/4 inch ring. Vertique lamps that are found with the Quilt foot design are often suspected, by collectors, to be those that have had the foot from the Quilt lamp used to replace a damaged Vertique foot. This idea however was disproved when someone found a yellow Vertique lamp with a foot identical to those used on the Quilt lamps. Since the Aladdin Quilt lamps were never produced in yellow moonstone, this could only mean that a Quilt foot mold had been used to manufacture the foot for some of the Vertique lamps. The suspicions of the collectors were finally put to rest, with the realization that Vertique lamps were actually produced with two differently designed feet from the factory.

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