Aladdin produced many different types of hanging and bracket lamps. Most of the metal table lamps were also available in hanging and bracket models. While the hanging and table lamps were most noted for style and elegance, the bracket lamps excelled in simplicity and practicality. Some were specialized in their use. The lamp below is called a "caboose" lamp. As the name implies it was used in the caboose of trains to provide light. The bracket was designed to absorb the rocking and swaying of the train car. The bracket was designed to allow both vertical and horizontal movement of the lamp to help absorb the force of sudden jolts. The shade was also a specialty item having a heat shield attached to the inside surface that covered half it's circumference. This helped to shield the wooden wall of the railroad car from the heat generated by the lamp. It is also believed that the lox-on chimney was developed out of the need for a chimney on the caboose lamp that would not work loose from the motion of the train. The bracket also had a pair of clamps, which were used to clamp the font securely into the bracket. You can see one of the clamps with its tightening knob in the picture below. The bracket also contained a spring clip, which was used to retain a wick trimmer. It can be seen protruding from the wall mount part of the bracket, just under the rim of the shade. While it may not have been very stylish, the caboose lamp was a marvel of ingenuity!


Model B-400 caboose lamp



Model #11


A pair of 0153 "ringfoot" lamps



Model #7


Model B with 0154c font


0152 white moonstone with english bracket


Model B 0151 font "apple green"

Model B 0151 font "jade green"

Model #6


Model B 0153 font "Alacite"


Model B 0153 font "ringfoot"


Model #23 bracket lamp

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