Alacite Ringfoot Fount Lamp


  The pictures below show the difference between the more common 0153 Alacite fount and the 0153A ringfoot fount.




  The lamp to the left is the Alacite "Ringfoot" fount. Note that there is no metal burner collar on the ringfoot fount. The burner screws into glass threads molded into the lamp, while the burner on the 0153 screws into a metal collar and thread assembly. Also note the broader, flatter shoulder on the ringfoot lamp just beneath the oil fill assembly. The shoulder on the 0153 in more rounded and pronounced.

  The difference between the bottoms of these founts is quite apparent. Again the Ringfoot lamp is to the left, and you can see the pronounced "ring" from which it derives it's name. The 0153 lamp to the right has wider solid bottom with three small feet.