There are eight lamps in the Cathedral family. The crystal lamps are: green, amber, and clear, while the moonstone lamps include white, rose, "flesh", apple green, and jade green. The rose moonstone is a very pretty pink, while the flesh moonstone is quite pale and has an amber cast to it. The jade green moonstone has a bluish tint, while the apple green moonstone will have a yellow tint.

A fault shared with the Colonial lamps is the sensitivity of the fused glass joint between the bowl (font) and the foot. This joint is very susceptible to temperature changes, stress, and bumps. Care must be taken when handling these Aladdin lamps to avoid cracking them at the joint. It is also not advisable to set them in direct sunlight where they will heat up, or in areas that are to cool such as basements or near air-conditioning ducts.

Another problem with the Cathedral lamps is that the recessed oil fill caps often become frozen with age and refuse to unscrew from the lamp. To much force applied trying to free the oil fill cap can cause the glue holding the female threads to give and the assembly to separate from the font, or worse, the glass font itself will crack or break. Many of these lamps are found minus the oil cap and threads from this mistake!


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#109 amber crystal


#111"apple green" moonstone


#107 clear crystal






#112 "flesh" moonstone


rose and flesh moonstone comparison


#108 green crystal





#111"jade" green moonstone



#112 rose moonstone



#110 white moonstone


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