AAAHHHH, there is a difference, a Big one!!



    Maybe this will make the difference a little more apparent. The lamp on the left in each picture above is a reproduction short amber Lincoln drape. Easily identified by the metal collar where the burner screws into the lamp---well that is it's easily identified until someone removes that collar and glues in a set of threads from an older lamp. Both lamps above are reproductions! The one on the right in each of the above pictures has had the metal burner collar and thread assembly removed, then replaced with the burner threads from an older lamp. The threaded oil fill collar and cap have also been replaced with an older version to help hide the fact that the lamp is a reproduction.

   There is no doubt that this lamp was intentionally modified to look like an "old" short amber Lincoln drape. The person who made the modification had a good knowledge of Aladdin lamps and was quite skillful. I can't say what the intent of the individual might have been--maybe they just wanted to add a novelty to their collection, but the act does show a lack of forethought on their part. Who knows where such a lamp could end up years down the road. People pass on and so do their possessions. The novelty could end up being sold as part of an estate to a dealer or individual who has no idea the lamp isn't "old". It could very well be represented as an "old" original by an innocent party who really believes this to be true. You may scoff at this but those of you who do so should remember that not everyone who buys an Aladdin lamp is an expert in them. Just because the person who modified this lamp had to be quite skilled and know a great deal about Aladdins does not mean its next owner will posses that same knowledge and be able to tell immediately that it has been modified. The act of modifying a reproduction lamp to resemble something it isn't, even when done with a lack of malice, could cause future owners an undue hardship. While the differences seem very apparent when the modified lamp is shown sitting next to an old lamp or another reproduction, believe me they aren't so apparent when it is not sitting beside one!! Did you recognize it as a reproduction on the very first page or did you believe it to be an original B-61?

    For those of you who are new to collecting Aladdins, the only lamps that have ever been reproduced are the Lincoln drapes in both tall and short varieties. You do not have to worry about any of the other lamps being reproductions. I think this example shows that you should really familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the Lincoln drape family before investing in them. I've learned from this experience and I hope by showing you this lamp you have learned as well.