Something different for your Aladdin lamps?

 Aladdin never produced ball type shades for their table lamps, but ball shades were quite popular in the era in which many of the glass Aladdin lamps were produced. Ball shade brackets were manufactured to fit a wide variety of lamps, and I'm sure some were made to fit the Aladdin lamps as well since Amy and I found four ball shade brackets in a local antique mall that fit perfectly over the gallery of the model B burner! The brackets were not manufactured by Aladdin as far as we could tell, but they sure fit the gallery like they were made for it.

  The nice thing about the brackets is that they just slip over the gallery so there is no modification to the burner.  You can put a ball shade on your Aladdin just for something a little different and if you decide you want to remove it in the future you just lift off the shade and then lift off the ball shade bracket.  In a minute the lamp is back to original!  Remember your lamps are for your enjoyment so if you like the looks of one of these shades then why not put one on your lamp.  They won't hurt it's value since they can easily be removed without hurting the original burner and the ball shades really do look good on these lamps!   Finding the ball shade bracket that will just fit over the burner gallery correctly may take some hunting but most Aladdin collectors are quite accustom to that!

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closer view

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