The Aladdin metal table lamps were the beginning of the great era of Aladdin. In 1908 sales began with the Practicus(also spelled Praktus) table lamp. This lamp was not manufactured in America, but was imported from Germany. The Mantle Lamp Company sold both the No. 2 and No.3 Practicus lamps. The No.3 Practicus is shown in their sales literature, and has a "snowflake" emblem on the wick-raiser knob.

Following the sales of the Practicus, lamps were marketed by model numbers, and between May of 1909 and April of 1935, twelve different models were sold. The brass lamps (lamp,bowl and burner) for models 1 through 12, and the burners for Nu-Type A, Nu-Type B, and C were manufactured by Plume and Atwood Manufacturing Company (P&A) of Waterbury, Connecticut.

Beginning with Model 5, the model number, or letter, was placed on the wick-raiser knob of all Aladdin lamps. The model number also appears on the flame spreader for models 4 through 11.

These were the early years for the Aladdin Mantle Lamp Company, and they were wrought with change as efforts to make the lamps burn smoother and more efficiently were pursued. New parts were developed, and new patents applied for. Some lamps were changed within the model year, or their sales period, to incorporate the newly developed parts. The model one for example used two different styles of mantles, and was sold with two different sizes of fuel tanks. The model 2 was also sold in several variations, the most apparent being the type of threads used to mount the burner in the font, and the way the wick raiser knob was secured. Models 3 and 4 can often be found with parts interchanged. One of the lamps shown here is a model 3 transition lamp. It was sold with a model 3 font,burner, and flame spreader,but used a model 4 gallery to mount the chimney. Parts were often switched at the factory in those early days and whether it was an attempt to update the present model, or just due to the supply of parts on hand is uncertain. My guess would be a little of both.

Below is a sampling of the Aladdin metal table lamps made during this period. I have not chosen to go into great detail on these lamps, but if you would like to pursue information on the different models you may obtain both the latest books, "Aladdin, the Magic Name in Lamps" and "Aladdin Collectors Manual & Price Guide #23" written by author J. W. Courter from this Aladdin Knights web page:

The books you will find on this web page provide a fountain of information on the Aladdin lamps themselves, as well as the company that manufactured them. The price guide is invaluable in providing the most recent guide to price ranges for each style of Aladdin lamp. They are a must have if you are serious about collecting these lamps.

While your at it look into joining the Aladdin Knights collectors organization. Information on how to do so can also be found on the above web link ,and doing so will put you in contact with other people that share your interest in Aladdin lamps. Through them you will not only gain access to an invaluable information source concerning Aladdin lamps, but also access to hundreds of the lamps themselves in a very friendly atmosphere.

The Aladdin lamps shown below illustrate some of the metal Aladdin lamps, and should help you with their identification. They are meant to show a cross section of the metal table lamps for your enjoyment, but there are many variations of them that aren't shown here as well.

Try to remember the model number will be on the wick-raiser knob, and flame spreader, of all metal lamps "after" model 4 and will help make their identification easier for you. Make sure the two numbers match if you want a completely original lamp.

You will need to consult Mr. Courter's books to help you recognize the Practicus lamps as well as models 1-4 due to their variations. Studying the diagrams in the book will enable you to distinguish if a particular font and burner combination are original, or whether the parts have been changed out at some time.

A model-8 metal lamp is not "original" if it has a No.11 flame spreader, and a No.11 lamp isn't complete if it has a No.12 burner--Yes, they do interchange! You can build an Aladdin lamp out of parts---but they have to be the right parts if it is to have the value of an original! Don't pay the price of an original lamp if you are only buying parts put together to look like an original. It's up to you to know the differences "before" you buy!






Brass Model-1 with 1 1/2 quart font and embossed foot

Model-2 embossed foot

Model-3 brass



Model-3 transition