Below you will see a photo of the "Solitaire" foot and the normal short Lincoln drape foot. Notice the step in the Solitaire foot because it is what the term "Solitaire foot" terminology is referring to in describing the foot on some of the original short Lincoln drape lamps and what sets them apart from the normal short Lincoln drapes. The Solitaire foot of the short Lincoln drapes is "not" identical to the foot of the Solitaire lamp itself. It is similar only in reference to the stair step and the flat surface that step creates on the foot. You can see looking at the picture of a normal short Lincoln drape foot that there is no flat surface, or step, to the foot. A short Lincoln drape with the Solitaire foot design can easily be overlooked if you aren't paying close attention to the design of the foot itself. It is believed that only about 15% of the short Lincoln drape lamps may have this feature. The clear crystal short Lincoln drape in this section does have the Solitaire foot design, but being clear glass the feature does not show up well in the photo's. None of the newer two piece lamps will have it.

This photo is an example of the step, with a flat surface, that can be found on the short Lincoln drapes with the "Solitaire foot" feature. Remember however this particular photo is of the"Solitaire" foot, so it is not meant to be an exact representation. Just remember that if you do see a flat step on a short Lincoln drape, instead of the more rounded design of the normal foot shown to the right, then the lamp probably does have the Solitaire foot design.

This is the normal design of the foot found on a short Lincoln drape lamp. Notice the rounded feature of the edge, with no flat surface or step. Pay attention to the details of lamps you find. Don't ignore a short Lincoln drape just because you already have one like it. Take a close look at the foot and make sure you aren't walking past one that has the Solitaire foot feature, since they are the hardest style to find in this series.


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