While the white moonstone Solitaire is quite a distinctive eye catching lamp, it was never put into full production or marketed, by the Aladdin Mantle Lamp Company. It is a lamp of complete mystery, since only a thousand of them were supposedly manufactured. Why this lamp was never put into full production, or marketed, has never been discovered. No printed sales literature has ever been found that contains information pertaining to Solitaire, and no sales figures were ever recorded on it.

Even more mysterious is the fact that there are two distinctly different versions of the Solitaire. What is believe to be the earlier model, has a series of flat panels in its design that run around the top edge (shoulder) of the foot. It is believed that the mold for the flat panel Solitaire was later redesigned specifically to eliminate the distinctive flat panels in favor of a smooth shoulder design. There is no information available as to why this was done. The Solitaire is also believed to be the predecessor to the popular tall Lincoln drape lamps, and that it's short existence may have been due simply to the popularity of the Lincoln drape lamps themselves. The one fact that seems to be most prevalent when it comes to the Solitaire is that it's history will forever remain a mystery.                     

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