1932 and 1933

 The Venetian is another two piece glass lamp. The painted styles have hidden threaded metal connectors that join the fount and foot. The threads were covered with glue and then the two pieces were screwed together. As with the Aladdin Simplicity lamps, the paint was applied to the outside of the glass and is easily scratched or tarnished.

 The threads for the oil fill caps are also recessed on these Aladdin lamps and the cap screws down into the fount. Like the Cathedral, force should not be used to try to free an oil fill cap that is stuck in the lamp. The threads can give causing the whole assembly to come out, or the glass fount itself may crack or break.

 Another troublesome area is the edge of the base. It is very thin and easily chipped. Be very careful when moving these lamps not to bump this fragile area.

 The clear crystal lamps were never sold in the United States, but were shipped to Canada. These lamps can be found both fused (referred to as one piece) and with a connector to join the fount and foot. The connector can be either metal or with the threads molded into the glass. Again care must be taken on those which are fused not to cause stress at the joint or it can easily crack The clear crystal lamp at the top left is a "one piece" (fused) Venetian.