1941-1953 (clear crystal lamps)

1941 and 1942 (green and amber crystal lamps)



The Washington drape plain stem lamps are some of the most recognized Aladdin lamps to be produced. Probably the only Aladdin lamp that is more recognized by the public would be the Alacite tall Lincoln drape.

The Washington drape plain stem lamps were originally produced and marketed in three colors: clear crystal, amber crystal, and green crystal. The clear crystal lamp was also produced with, and without, an oil fill.

You will also find reference to other colors, but those colors were not listed, or marketed, as distinct models by the Aladdin Mantle Lamp Company. They were designated as such only by collectors due to their distinctive color variances from the original three colors that were marketed.

The Washington drape lamps can also be found with two distinctive patterns on the underside of the base. One pattern resembles the footprint of a bird and has become known as the "crows" foot pattern. The other has a pattern consisting of small lines, or dashes, that alternate direction as they traverse the foot. The alternating lines seem to form a series of "V's" and therefore has become known as the V pattern.